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Tandem Pictures was founded in 2010 with a goal to build a business that would elevate women's stories in independent film.  Julie Christeas and Jonny Blitstein have expanded that vision to grow a grassroots film studio and creative content agency which are linked to a mission for material impact in the entertainment industry and the world.
We produce content strictly according to the PGA Greenguide PEACH checklist,
aiming for an EMA Green Seal on our feature films.  
We received our first in 2019 for THE SURROGATE (2020 SXSW).
We received the EMA Gold Seal for BLACK BEAR (2020 Sundance).
We ensure diverse voices of all backgrounds are heard and hired
behind and in front of the camera.
Our team goal is zero waste, and net-zero CO2 emissions.
We donate 1% of our profits to charity each year.
Most importantly, it is our mission to elevate these values in the
Independent Film and Creative Advertising Community to effect measurable change.
Please join us on our journey.
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